Angel Botello


Angel Botello


“Cabezas que Hablan”

Oil painting on scratchboard, c. 1940

signed by artist at lower right

Image size: 14.5 x 12.5 inches

Framed size 29 x 27 inches

Excellent condition

This painting is one of the more important works from Botello’s time in Haiti, considered by critics to be his most significant and prolific period.  Absorbing the mystical influences of this heady island noation, the artist synthesized Haitian symbology with Cubism to create a unique a stunning group of Cubist heads that seem to involved a number of conversations.  This is also one of the few works by the artist done on scratchboard.  Scratchboard is a thin board with a black top layer and white or colored second layer.  The artist scratches through the black to create the imagery.  In this case, Botello started in this way and then continued to work in thin strokes of oil paint and pastel to create a work that is not only unique in as an image but probably a unique work in terms of the method in which it was done.  Angel Botello was a Spanish-Puerto Rican painter, sculptor and graphic artist, called “The Caribbean Gauguin” for his use of bold colors and depictions of island life.  Botello is considered one of the greatest Latin American post-modern artist, with both recognition and demand for his artwork continuing to grow, reaching ever-higher auction prices.  In 2005 Sotheby’s sold a Botello painting for $42,000.

Botello never belonged to any particular artistic school or movement, and instead devoted himself to engineering an individual aesthetic.  A versatile artist, he worked in many media and is best known for his oil paintings, linocuts and bronzes.