Édouard Manet


Edouard Manet was a French painter who depicted everyday scenes of people and city life. He was a leading artist in the transition from realism to impressionism. Born into a bourgeoisie household in Paris, France, in 1832, Edouard Manet was fascinated by painting at a young age. His parents disapproved of his interest, but he eventually went to art school and studied the old masters in Europe. Manet's most famous works include "The Luncheon on the Grass and Olympia." Manet led the French transition from realism to impressionism. By the time of his death, in 1883, he was a respected revolutionary artist. -credit to biography.com

"La Convalescente"
Guerin 65, Harris 85 Etching and aquatint on tinted laid paper, c. 1868 From the Bazire edition 1884 Image Size: 5" x 5" REF. #1397
"Le Gamin au Chien"
Guerin 28, Harris 31 Etching with drypoint Printed in black ink, c. 1867 As published in "Histoire d'Edouard Manet et de Son Oeuvre, Duret 1902" Image Size: 8 1/4" x 5 7/8" REF. #1483
"Lola de Valence"
Guerin 23, Harris 33 Etching and aquatint on cream laid paper, c. 1863 Sixth state of eight as published by the Cadart & Luquet, Paris Bearing blind stamp of Cadart & Luquet Signature in plate, lower left Image Size: 10 1/4" x 7 1/4" REF. #1532
"Le Gamin"
Harris 31 Etching with aquatint printed in dark brown on laid paper, c. 1862 Proof of the 2nd and final state, from the Strolin edition 1905 Signed in the plate, upper left Image Size: 8.4" x 5.9" REF. #1486
Guerin 64, Harris 56 Etching and aquatint on tinted laid paper, c. 1868 Only state, from the Bazire edition 1884 Image Size: 5" x 7 7/8" REF. #1396
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