Desmond Melancholy

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My career as an artist began with street art, at the age of 14. I would run outside of my house into the streets at night and paint graffiti on the walls of KYIV (the capital of Ukraine). From time to time I was caught by security & was interrogated by the police (nothing serious)—but I didn't stop there. I didn't spoil public places, I only painted abandoned buildings. Given I grew up in a strict household, my parents weren't enthralled with the prospect of me pursuing an art career. Subsequently, they sent me to a mathematical school. Despite the restrictive environment, I continued creating, graduating to other mediums of expression. Upon moving to the United States, I promised myself that I would express the beauty of my new place of residence through compositions in oil on canvas. "My biggest inspiration for me has been Van Gogh with his impressionism and Dali with surrealism, the idea of my work is to show the beauty of the world that does not exist, to give the ordinary scene a routine that most people do not see and this is the enjoyment of every second and the landscape around us, to describe briefly what I want to do in a metaphor and to gift someone or invent a new color in the palette." Due to the current situation in my country, many of my relatives have become victims of war or refugees. The streets I previously knew have been destroyed by the horrific terror tactics of this war. I realized that I can help. I decided to send a portion of the money that stems from the sales of my work to the Red Cross in Ukraine. 

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Original Oil on Canvas Size: 18" x 24" 

The Pianist 18_ x 24_ .JPEG

"The Pianist"

"The Pianist" Original Oil on Canvas Size: 18" x 24"