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BLJ- Bryan Lysaght JR.

"The idea behind my art is to create self awareness. Being aware of who you are and Loving your journey as a person. Because “YOU MATTER” the Forbidden fruit Narrative is giving ourselves an opportunity to not take away options from yourself, accepting what’s for you to moved forward in life. Taking the time to explore these different phases of you(different color apples), tapping into your better self that you never knew that you could do. I’ve used my creative outlet in my time to heal. I want to show everyone that you can heal too, and that you too can be happy, walk your path. Mental health is real and it’s serious I’ve realized that when I too have suffered from many forms of depression. Even till this day I feel it but can control it to the point where I do not let it take over. I am all for feeding my spiritual needs before anything." BLJ- SHOUTOUT LA

BLJ--What do you attribute your success to?
"FEARLESS. My approach towards art/craft was fearless, because fear of the unknown inhibits creativity. Being opened to uncertainty allows me to get creative while being present, making space, and inviting Inspiration!"

Bryan Lysaght Jr BLJ.jpeg
Art of Healing Apple.JPG

"Art of Healing Apple" 2021

Materials: Acrylic/ Spray Paint on stretched canvas coated 2 layers of resin.

Dimensions: 48"x48”

Signed and Dated on Reverse

FFO Freedom from Oppression.JPG

"Freedom From Oppression" (FFO 2018)

Materials: Acrylic wash/ Spray Paint on stretched canvas.

Dimensions: 72"x48”

Signed and Dated on Reverse

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