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Consignment services are available to those looking for assistance in marketing, advertising and selling their art. Contact Sheryl at for additional information about our policies.

Acquisitions of Fine Art offers an intimate environment among some of the finest art found in the Chicagoland area. Host your next business event, reception or gathering surrounded by Old Masters and Contemporary artists. Availability and inquiries can be sent to


Frames, like the works of art that they surround and protect, are works of art in their own right. They are characteristic of their specific period or artisan and they provide a unique feel or look to a work of art.  The framing at Acquisitions of Fine Art has many selections  in various shapes, sizes, forms, carvings, details, etc. and despite the similarities, no two frames are alike.

Private home shows provide a realistic vision to any buyer who is looking to build upon an existing art collection or just starting out. Many clients have found this service particularly helpful when moving into a new home or those seeking a unique statement piece for a business. The fine art consultants at Acquisitions of Fine Art offer a wide array of expertise to suit all art related needs and requests. 

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