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Robert Fleischman was born in Los Angeles, raised in Torrance California, and has enjoyed tremendous success as a vocalist, songwriter and performer during his career. Robert exploded onto the booming California music scene in the late 1970’s when he joined a San Francisco band, looking to make the transformation from rock-fusion to a more radio friendly, commercial rock sound.


This band, Journey, would go on to become one of the most successful rock bands in the history of music. Robert, the original lead vocalist, wrote and performed with Journey for just under a year. Due to a conflict of interest with management, vocalist Steve Perry was hired; continuing the sound that Fleischman was instrumental in helping the band establish.



With the triple platinum success of Journey’s Infinity album on which Robert’s songs are prominently featured, the name Robert Fleischman had quickly become synonymous with hit songwriting. His most noteworthy contributions to the band were, "Wheel in the Sky", "Anytime", and "Winds of March". In January of 2005 when Journey received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, they insisted on including Robert in the honor.


“The View”

Hand-Signed Limited Edition Fine Art Print. 


“Paint By Numbers”

Medium: Original Assemblage on Canvas

Size: 4’ x 5’ 

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“Ballet Orange 2016”  Hand-Signed Fine Art Print 


“Free Fall”

 Hand-Signed Fine Art Print

“Free Fall” Robert Fleischman Hand-Signed Fine Art Print

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“Gold Waves”

  Original on Canvas 4” x 5

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“The Duchess of the Stratosphere”  Hand-signed Limited Edition Fine Art Print


The Duke of Stratosphere”

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"So Mad I See Red”

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"My Horoscope Told Me So”

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"Mr. Ray X”

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"Don't Worry He Doesn't Bite”

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"Lone Ranger”

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"Three Squares”

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"Little Miss Dandelion”

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"Theory Of Time and Face”

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"Violet What Are You Seeing”