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NFTs exploded in popularity earlier in 2021, making some of the internet’s most popular artists overnight millionaires in the process. Because technology continues to advance, digital art has taken many forms over the years. However, one constant has been artists’ exploration of digital media as a form of expression. As part of our continued attention within the digital art space, Acquisitions of Fine Art is providing representation to NFT artists and offers a way for you to protect your art investment with Blockchain technology.


CICADA NFT was inspired by the award-winning piece “CICADA” from the fine art print series “Mechanical Integrations” by Michael Pantuso. This is the first animated piece from the original series which explores themes involving nature and human connections — merging natural elements with those that intersect with human involvement. The works are conceived through a series of sketches, then created digitally. Creative influences include the drawings of Leonardo DaVinci, the illustrations by Murray Tinkelman and the imagination of Michael Pantuso the artist. The works are part of a limited edition set of fine art prints on metal which have been created for sale at exhibitions and galleries.

CICADA and the “Mechanical Integrations” limited edition series has been exhibited and collected internationally. Now, CICADA is available as an NFT. With CICADA NFT, Michael uses motion to bring to life the artwork and the integrated patterns and textures from the cicada’s environment.

CICADA NFT is available for purchase on the OPENSEA NFT marketplace.


HD Animation File Theater Format
HD Animation File Social Media Format
Fine Art Archival Print on Metal
Signed and dedicated by Michael Pantuso

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