The Michelangelo Project

Acquisitions of Fine Art is proud to be a part of
The Michelangelo Project

The relationship between art and technology has been a fundamental symbiotic relationship from the first effort by man to create something that had meaning beyond a utilitarian function. The choice has always been of subject and medium, often one influencing the other. In the domain of cast metal sculpture, specifically utilizing the lost wax process, a chain of events has long been established. This process is fundamentally a five-step sequence, alternating between positive and negative iterations. In brief: original, rubber mold, wax copy, ceramic shell mold, and bronze casting. Often the original is lost or severely damaged in making the rubber mold. The stress of pulling the rubber from the model (most often terra cotta or clay) is sufficient to cause deformation or destruction. When considering casting a bronze from an old clay model the risk is much too great of destroying that which is not replaceable. Specifically, considering making rubber molds from the priceless Michelangelo models at Casa Buonarroti, has been unthinkable. For the first time, it is possible! By utilizing laser scanning and rapid prototyping technology, the pieces can be duplicated without risking the models.

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